Buro Stilma

The Architects Office is a young innovative modern desk with a changing portfolio assignment, in homes, renovation, urban planning, and interior offices.

The office has its own network of expertise gathered around to complete each project that can take as the client has to onburden. This means that the command not only the design can be offered but also the structural calculations, installation advice etc, to the building; total engineering.

The office strives for environmentally conscious choices in life, orientation, materials in the cradle to cradle concept with low CO2 tax as one of the goals. By saving energy and to arouse the house can even generate additional energy.

Each problem requires an idiosyncratic approach that grows in the design process. The office works with 3D visualization to quickly to concrete proposals. The office's important that the client quickly gain insight into the design so there is good communication after the perfect end result is realized. Stilma office is concerned, up to the final stage.

The office is not tied to a regular work week and is very flexible arrangements, times and location.



  • IJmuidenstraat 40
  • 2586 VB Den Haag
  • wstilma@burostilma.nl
  • burostilma.nl