De Loods architecten en adviseurs

Architecture is shaping an idea: create space to live and work.

De Loods aims from a social engagement in dialogue with all interested parties, professional and effective an appropriate 'home' to realize an attractive architecture for people with a wide range of living, living and working methods.

De Loods works for clients including housing associations, developers, contractors, municipalities and for clients in the social and socio-cultural and education sectors. Private individuals, whether or not organized participation, will receive our special attention.

Since its establishment in 1982, De Loods is active in Housing. What began with idealism - a different perspective to the social housing - became a specialist in building for good living. And that was idealism.

The challenge with all parties involved, motivated and enthusiastic, an essential improvement to achieve the quality of our environment's response to each command.

At all levels: landscape, urban and architectural design project deserves its own specific solution because every place is unique.

The clues that provide the context: what makes this place special, what is the meaning and history of the place, form the bearers of the design.

Together with the wishes of the client and the users, the surrender to the creativity and the connection to create specific solutions for the task in an architecture that embraces everything of value.



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