Our success stems from our passion for design. EeStairs distinguishes itself with a sense of detailing, in diversity of materials but also in our staff. Both the founders and staff have adopted a wealth of experience that with us, with confidence, design and execution to us can leave. They know better than anyone the secrets to achieve unmatched results. Stairs and railing with glass, stone, carbon fiber, stainless steel and more.

Architects, interior designers, but also individuals like to use our virtual design technology in the design of stairs. Our Virtual stairs operator in England makes no sketches or 3D drawings, but a real life experience of your stairs. By involving the environment and for us it does not matter whether it now exists or not, we make a life-like visualization. This allows you to precisely assess the desired will be. Useful for discovering unexpected.

EeStairs has developed proprietary systems that are applicable in many situations. Both the private and business markets. A railing should not necessarily present in stairways. They can also independently designed and manufactured. Besides the safety value has a railing to perform multiple functions simultaneously. Think through color and materials, to lighten a dark room. For our business partners have licenses. Come and visit our factory stairs



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