The Climatex® Lifecycle™ Home collection from Twill Textiles proclaims Twill’s solid commitment to protecting both the environment and the individual. Specifically designed for the residential market, the collection of beautiful, sustainable, Sam Kasten-inspired woven fabrics proves beyond a doubt that “green” can also be truly luxurious.

Climatex® Lifecycle™ Home fabrics are produced through a unique manufacturing process that is eco-sensitive from start to finish. Developed in Europe, the revolutionary process ensures that all components, methods and by-products are safe for human and ecological systems and satisfy the most stringent standards. Even superfluous cuttings or scraps from the weaving process support sustainability by returning to the earth in the form of mulch or crop groundcover.

The fibers used in fabric production are a patented blend of pesticide-residue–free wool and organically grown ramie processed with non-toxic chemicals; producing fabrics that are inherently breathable and comfortable. Eco-compatibility extends to the dying process as well: out of nearly 2000 existing dyes, Climatex® Lifecycle™ Home chooses to utilize only the 16 dyes that have been identified as safe and non-carcinogenic.