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The Soft World delivers home fabrics as cushions, plaids and bed-covers, fabric for curtains and room-dividers, hanging-lamps and stools and foot-stools covered with felt.

The Soft World delivers two collections; SuperNature - wool from sheep and goats, cashmere, mohair, alpaca and camel-hair and Belle Naturelle - angora from angora rabbits and silk

All products of The Soft World are handmade by the centuries old technique of felt making, so this means every piece is unique. Water, olive soap and muscles is all she uses. The products of The Soft World are completely animal- and environment-friendly. None of the wool is even dyed, The Soft World exploits the rich colour palette of the animals themselves.

For Collection Super Nature Waanders uses the wool from old forgotten European sheep breeds and goats. For example the English Wensleydale Longwool, Blue Faced Leicester and Lincoln, Dutch Drents Heathsheep and Zwartbles, German Steinschaf en Moorschnucke, Swiss Walliser Schwarznase, Hungarian Racka and Swedish Gotland Pels. There are more than 900 different sheep breeds. This breeds survive thanks to hobbyist sheep holders. The breeds and their wool have a great variety in structure and al tones of white, grey and brown.

The Soft World uses more than 25 sorts of sheep wool. The Soft World combines this sheepwool with wool and hair from animals like goats (mohair and cashmere), alpaca, camel-hair and silk. All in their natural colors. The Soft World is innovative and unique in combining this classic luxury materials with more than 25 sorts of wool.

Collection Belle Naturelle is made from angora of angorarabbits. The hair of this rabbits don’t stop growing, so their hair has to be cut every three months. Felting angora to useful materials is new in the world of design. There is no other wool in natural distinctive pastels like all tones of grey, as angora. The Soft World gets her wool from hobbyist associated in the Dutch angora association. It’s a short way from the animal to a plaid from The Soft World on your sofa…

Beatrice Waanders from The Soft World travels all around the country to find her wool. For the wool from the Dutch Drent Heathsheep she gets her wool directly from the shepherd of the sheepflock. The other wool she gets directly from the rabbit- and sheep or goat holder. This are hobbyist which trade their animals like pets. Therefore the wool from The Soft World is completely animal friendly.  All products are made in the huge atelier of The Soft World, in a former office in Rotterdam (The Netherlands). Dutch women spin, teasel and knit. The Soft World doesn’t use chemical products, neither by the felting process nor in the finish.


The Soft World