Hydrograss Growing Unit


The Living Foods HGU consists of a compacte growing unit, available in  different sizes, which contains a number of cultivation trays in which fresh fodder grows from seed like wheat, to an approximately 250 to 300 mm high crop in an 8-day cycle.

The Living Foods HGU is a closed system which allows approximately 1.2 tons of fresh green product to be realised per day on the basis of approximately 500 litres of nutrient laced water.

Using an automated, time controlled system the crop is given water, preferably containing Living Foods 90+ Solution nutrient solution during the day.

After 8 days you can harvest the high-quality 'grass mats' in their entirety i.e. there is no waste or loss of product or raw material just harvest and feed to your livestock or grazers.

This system is the most water effective production technology to produce on a sustainable way high quality animal feed 365 days per year.


Handing over


Project type

exterior new building


10,000-25,000 m2