participatory area development


For the development of Zestienhoven park and Schieveen polder, Olthaar Design was asked, as an expert experienced in the field of spatial design, to interact with the end user. Given the time constraints of the development of this area was one known risk, we were asked to take part in the brainstorming to define the principles of the Master Plan. 

In a workshop with approximately 30 landscape architects, urban planners, municipal officials and other stakeholders two independent approaches developed, which at the end of the workshop were presented. The visions showed how to work with the current residents and users of the area, what are the landscape features and qualities, how to join the area to surrounding areas, what were possible junctures and how to fit them, and how do we deal with the presence of the airport.

These visions are Urban + Housing Authority were incorporated into the further development of the area. We have already achieved housing. The development remains a complex task, which is regularly harried by other interested parties.

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Handing over


Project type

exterior new building


> 50,000 m2