transparent house complies with EPN over standard


We have designed and achieved a charming and spacious building within a forested site, within the strict Energy Performance norm (EPN-norm). Despite the unusually large number of glass surfaces that have been used, the building is very energy efficient and has a high comfort factor.

Due to the plot’s natural forest aura we created a building with a patio which floats above ground level. This way we attained a closed ground balance and were able to portray a complete picture of the house, trees and wee beasties. The ground has the appearance of ingression under the building and appears to be independent of the house. At the same time, the difference in elevation allows the edge of the patio to use as a place to sit.

The building is positioned according to the sun’s trajectory. This allows for the passive building principle to be applied, such as optimal use of the sun. The building has very little energy necessary for heating and cooling. Thanks to the insulation and the building positioning, the seasonal warmth can be stored and advantage is taken of the sun’s free heat. The heat from the circulating air is collected and fed to a boiler for hot water and heating.

Fresh air is supplied through natural ventilation. The unwanted summer heat is avoided by fixed awnings and a planted roof. The heat exchange between the planted roof and the building roof may be optionally removed and used for hot water and heating. During the warm summer nights the building may be cooled using the cold night air. Because of this, and by avoiding unwanted heating, an air conditioning unit would be completely over the top.

The outside walls on the street side and on the driveway side are fitted with small windows. This allows optimal insulation on the North and East side. We also planned the storage and bathrooms on these sides. The garden side walls are fitted with tall and wide windows, which allow a maximum feeling of bringing the outside into the house, and it’s possible to have visual contact between the different living and working spaces.

The ground floor is designed in a U-form, with the entrance and living kitchen in the middle. From this space all other rooms radiate, with the living kitchen being prominently central. A portion of the covered patio is seen from the entrance to the living kitchen. Many uses are opened for the outside space because of this partially closed light in the U-form

The house has, alongside the main functions of living room, kitchen, WC, bathroom and bedrooms, also provided with an extra toilet and bathroom, utility room, office space, study room, washing room and garage.  Because all key areas connect centrally, the surface area requires limit movement space and a relatively large number of functions could be achieved in a compact space.




Handing over


Project type

exterior and interior new building


100-500 m2