woning Akkrum-Nes



In beautiful wetlands of Frysian we have designed a bungalow for recreation, located between a stone house and wooden boathouses. The design takes into account the strong national and local characteristics. The style fits perfectly with the marine life on site and uses materials that relates to the buildings nearby.

Passive House

In the design, some principles of passive building (passiefhuis) applied. In winter the house gets plenty of light and warmth of the sun through the high transparent facade. In the summer the permanent canopy limits too much sunlight and heat. The high degree of insulation  allows a relatively little heating will be required. Any nescessary heating is provided by floor heating. The round shape of the roof ensures that the backyard (South West) can get maximum sunlight.


The design allows an offsite manufacturing and an on-site assembly. This method of construction increases the build quality, shorten the construction period and reduces the risks on site during construction. The house is located with the ground floor above ground level, creating a closed ground balance can be used. This prevents drainage of land.


Handing over


Project type

exterior and interior new building


< 100 m2